Hello, welcome to my website. I’m Yuanxi Fu, a doctoral student in Information Science at the School of Information Sciences, UIUC. My current research aims to understand and resolve controversies in science. To pursue this goal, I bring together my interest in argumentation theory and digital infrastructures with my experience as a scientist. You can view my CV here. And below is a list of projects that I am working on now.

On-going projects

  • The Salt Controversy and Depression & Exercise: This project includes two large-scale bibliometric and network analysis case studies to understand global evidence production and synthesis that supports public health recommendations. Currently, I am preparing a manuscript with my teammates (Prof. Jodi Schneider, Prof. Caitlin Clarke, Mansi Joshi, Mark Van Moer).
  • Vulnerability and Biomedical Knowledge Graph Technologies: I aim to advance the scholarship of ethics of vulnerability by putting it in contact with an emerging technology: biomedical knowledge graphs. This is an on-going work in collaboration with Prof. Peter Darch.
  • Computable Bibliography*: This project aims to develop a series of computer scripts to turn the bibliography of a document (e.g., a publication, a grant proposal) into a computable object and generate insight into the quality and diversity of the reference cited. We use bibliographic data retrieved from large citation database (e.g., Scopus), descriptive statistics, and network analysis to achieve this goal. [Project GitHub repo]

* I keep looking for proficient programmers for this project. So if you are interested, please contact Prof. Jodi Schneider for an independent study and mention this project in your email.